Our burglar alarm systems greatly reduce the chances

of a break in and will help keep your premises safe.

We offer a wide range of burglar alarm systems to make

sure your family receives the perfect burglar alarm system.

We will adhere to every detail to make sure that your

security alarm systems is operating efficiently.



By investing in a good home burglar alarm system,

you will know that you have taken measures

to ensure that your property and your family are safe.

Any potential intruders will see that you have an alarm

system in place and are likely to move on to a more

vulnerable property than yours.

We install a wide assortment of residential alarm systems

supplied from all the leading manufacturers.

The security alarm systems we provide are highly advanced

and sophisticated and are designed

to provide high security for your property and will help stop

any home intrusion.

Our wired systems start from £250

and include the pyronix back lit bell box.



Worx offer a range of CCTV systems

to suit all applications and budgets.


After your on site consultation we will design

a CCTV system tailored to your needs.


All of Worx CCTV systems are HD 1080P

and provide remote viewing, enabling you to view

home CCTV footage remotely either from a computer,

your smartphone or tablet via an app

(iphone or android).


Camera systems are available with between 2 and 16 channels,

enabling you to connect up to 16 cameras to your CCTV DVR system.

Dependent on the cameras these will record at night,

outdoors and in HD quality.


With systems starting from £400 

Protect your home or business

with a Worx CCTV system Today.